Well we started playing guitars when we were in our teens
Old beat up six strings that were broken at the seams
Go to sing a melody and a friend would come along.
Add a second harmony wed have ourselves a song

Sang for all the parties, sang for all our friends
From sundown to sun up, sometimes it never ends
Things were so much simpler then, what was wrong and what was right
And John and Paul were always there to get us through the night

You see we believed in magic in our songs
And all together now wed sing out strong
Our spirits soared like eagles, our voices loud and free
With one guitar and two part harmony

Well we woke up little Suzy, we kept Sloopy hanging on
We had ourselves a peaceful time down at Yagers farm
We went rolling down the river we went sitting by the bay
We had fun, fun, fun till daddy took our T-bird away


Well were all a little older now some with families of our own
And drum machines and synthesizers, they have come along
But we still love to party and we still love to sing
And well always find a spare guitar and you know the joy it brings


We sang yeah, yeah, yeah, she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah
And with a love like that you know you should be glad
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind
Lei la lei, lei la lei lei lei la lei, lei la lei, lei la lei lei lei la lei la la lei la lei

With one guitar and two part harmony