From the smile of an elder woman to the touch of a babies hand
We’re all a piece of the puzzle in this master plan
Though we may speak a different language or have a funny name
Deep down inside we’re really all the same

Though you may not understand my ways and I may seem strange to you
The fear that you hold with in yourself is really nothing new
We’ve been using it forever to keep us all apart
It’s time to put some love back in out hearts

Learn to live in love, cast those fears aside
Step out of the darkness, there’s no need to hide Let the light that shines within you burn like a beacon from above
Lift up your heart and learn to live in love

Our world is getting smaller each and every day
And the opportunities that we miss they’re a terrible price to pay
For the answer is so simple, it’s like the laughter of a child
Unlock the door, unleash the joy inside

Repeat Chorus