In your eyes, I see myself reflected in your eyes
And all the things Iíd hoped for now youíre starting to reveal
All the truths of how I feel, I can see them all so clearly in your eyes

In my heart, I feel the passion burning in my heart
Cause you go someplace inside my soul where no oneís ever been
Somehow you found a way within, through the portal and the magic in your eyes

And all the dreams Iíve held, theyíre finally coming true, and oh the wonder to behold
You read me like an open book, you understand me oh so well, right down to the essence of my soul

In my arms, you feel so safe and natural in my arms
And when I gaze into your eyes you take my breath away, and I donít know what to say
Iím a captive to all the wondrous things I see, in your eyes

Now all my dreams are finally coming true, and itís all because of you
All the wonder to behold as the magic now unfolds
I can hardly wait to share the world I see in your eyes, in your eyes, in your eyes