I was looking through the paper just the other day
In the lonely heart section, hereís what it had to say
Some vital information that I did not know
That we all need at least 12 hugs a day for our hearts to grow
Now I see that you are lonely, you know that I am too
So I set my mind to thinking, hereís what I propose we do
If we both work together, thereís something we can start
Itís an aerobic exercise program designed especially for our hearts

Just put yourself in my hug and weíll be doin fine
Iíll take care of your heart, youíll take care of mine
Just wrap your arms around me, thatís all you have to do
I want to get my exercise huggin you

Now huggin sure is healthy, it cures depression and reduces stress
Why itís totally rejuvenating and the are no side effects
Itís 100% all organic, all natural and fat free, totally non- polluting and full of energy

There are no monthly payment or papers to fill out
Why hugginís practically perfect Ďcause thereís no parts to wear out
No insurance is required and we can start today
Itís a wonderful exercise program so come on, what do you say

Repeat Chorus